Amtrak Station 

Just north and east of the MetroRail and Tri-Rail stations is the Hialeah Amtrak Station, which, at the moment, is also the Miami Amtrak station. At some time in the future, the Miami station may move to the Intermodal Center near the Miami International Airport.
The Amtrak site includes a 60’s era station, a turn around, and a large, underutilized parking lot. In total, the site covers 28 acres. Amtrak has expressed interest in the redevelopment of this site (picture below)

The Amtrak site needs to develop a focus and identity which is complementary to the redeveloped North Side Shopping Center. One strategy might be as a Multi-Modal Center with mixed uses, including convenience retail at the transit stops (drug store, cleaners, day care, food mart); a cultural center and other uses which build on regional transportation access; new residential, including townhouses and a mid-rise residential building; light industrial, including possibly an Amtrak parcel service; back office facilities linked to proposed fiber optic capacity; and innovative stormwater and sewage treatment facilities.