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The Initiative is led by three local community-based development organizations (the Urban League of Greater Miami, Inc., Neighborhood Housing Services of Sourth Florida, Inc. and DEEDCO). While interested in the entire Corridor the Initiative has focused most of its efforts on its western portion which has an unprecedented opportunity for sustainable development

The Initiative is a planning and advocacy undertaking that will position this community to take full advantage of these transportation assets. This effort will be a model of sustainability, with an integrated approach to neighborhood development that is equally responsive to jobs and to the environment. The project will expand opportunities for individual residents, improve the community’s quality of life, and demonstrate that environmental improvements and economic development can work together to benefit low and moderate income people. The Initiative will build on the considerable assets of the community, including tangible assets such as the skills of residents, public transportation, land available for assembly, undervalued market potential, home ownership, job access, rail freight, and rights-of-way, and intangible assets such as the sense of place, knowledge of the community, and location efficiency process.

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